Contract Management

Manage contracts securely and efficiently with proALPHA.

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Inventory Management Using Packaging Structures


Prestage material for production orders specifically for operations.

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Metals Management

Keeping an eye on metal prices and minimizing risks from price fluctuations.

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proALPHA Application Guide 8

Topic Dashboard

This will take you to specific topics. The Basics help you become proficient in proALPHA. All information relevant to your working area can be found in the Core Modules. Additional information on cross-departmental and cross-company work is available in the Special Modules.


Core Modules

Special Modules

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The Customer Portal offers a variety of functions: You can use your personal login to gain detailed insights into proALPHA ERP. Take advantage of up-to-date information on new releases and updates and look up past and current calls. Moreover, you can browse the proALPHA Wiki to learn more about proALPHA.

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