What's New in proALPHA Version 7.1?

A New Impetus for Your Everyday Work

Every proALPHA version features a number of innovations and expansions that make your everyday work more efficient and transparent.

The "What's New?" section provides you with a quick overview of what's new in this proALPHA version.

All Highlights at a Glance

Stay Up-to-Date with the proALPHA Application Guide

Here you can find links to the "What's New?" sections. Each tile takes you to a description of what's new in a certain topic, for example in Sales. This enables you to obtain specific information about the area relevant to you.

Note: What's new in the configuration of proALPHA can be found in the "Administration" section.


Core Modules

Special Modules

What do I have to know about the update?

After an update, a variety of new functions and expanded functions is available. The new features relevant to you depend on the proALPHA version you have used so far. This means that you may need information on the new features from the current version as well as those from previous ones in order to fully comprehend what's new. For instance, if you update proALPHA version 6.1e to 7.1, you will need the information on what's new in the following proALPHA versions: 6.1f, 6.2 and 7.1.

Your proALPHA consultant will be happy to help you with this.

Gain Proficiency in proALPHA ERP

Our seminars help you gain proficiency in proALPHA ERP and show you how to make full use of the software. We therefore offer various types of seminars, like delta seminars, where our trainers show you what's new in the latest proALPHA version.

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