Excellent customer service is key ─ the Service module therefore features complaint management, field service, and in-house service. With these features, the Service module supports you in providing professional after sales service.

Master files

Prerequisites for mapping service processes

Master files provide the basis for precise planning and full traceability of service calls. In addition to the customer master files, there are special service master files that are required for mapping business activities. These master files include operations, service plans and resources, for example.

Topic: Master files

Call management

Top service from the very beginning

A call comes in and the service employee politely addresses the customer by name. Thanks to computer telephony integration (CTI), all relevant customer data are displayed on the call center agent's screen. When was an assembly mounted, and from which lot was it taken? What maintenance was carried out and for how long? The service employee can answer all of these questions promptly.

Service employees can send replies to customers by e-mail, fax or mail directly from within a call. Individual, predefined text components are provided for their convenience. The correspondence can be automatically archived in the proALPHA DMS.

Subsequent documents such as credits can also be created from within the call. This saves your employees time and ensures that all processing steps are logged. You can check the current status of a call at any time, even if it has been assigned to other departments.

Topic: Call management

Service items

Controlling customer service processes

Your customer requests a service from your company. To process this order, different service documents are required depending on the service requested.

Service item

Types of service documents

Field service

  • Service quotes (service order of the type "Service Quote")

  • Service orders (service order of the order type "Service Order")

  • Rush service orders (service order of the order type "Rush Service Order")

In-house service

  • Repair service quotes (service order of the type "Repair Quote")

  • Repair service orders (service order of the type "Repair Order")

Spare parts service

  • Spare part quote

  • Spare part order

Field service

The order for a field service technician can be created directly from within a call. It contains all commercial and technical specifications of the product, including spare and wear parts. Moreover, the service call can be scheduled and the duration of individual tasks can be set.

All service calls to be scheduled are displayed in an overview. Filters offer a convenient way of sorting calls by employees responsible or priority. Then you start to plan your resources. The employees available and possible substitutes are displayed in a Gantt chart. You can also schedule equipment and vehicles.

After completing the service call, technicians report all operations, materials, and miscellaneous costs. The reported data can immediately be used to create an invoice.

proALPHA helps you ensure maintenance service is on schedule. Terms, service items and maintenance intervals are displayed in an overview. It takes you just a few clicks to generate service orders based on these intervals. Required wear parts can be adopted from the product file. To-do lists help you keep tabs of future maintenance dates, billing schedules, and contract periods.

Topic: Field service

In-house service

proALPHA supports your in-house service in processing any kind of returns, including warranty and goodwill. First, the call has to be linked to the sales order and all relevant product data have to be adopted. Next, an RMA document (return material authorization) can be generated. When the goods returned are received, they can be identified and assigned to a call by means of their return number. This return number also serves as the identifier in all subsequent steps. It ensures full traceability. As a result, the value and quantity of the returned goods can be immediately classified as external property in warehouse management.

The returned product is to be repaired at your company. You generate the repair service order directly from the call. This repair service order defines which products are to be repaired by you and on which dates and at which terms this is done. You can also use the repair service order to initiate the repair by your production department or the manufacturer.

Topic: In-house service

Spare parts service

You can provide your customers with spare parts for products. You generate the spare part quote directly from the call. The spare parts list allows you to create a quote fast and send it to the customer promptly. To optimally support your customer, you can also offer additional spare parts which were not requested by the customer in the call.

Topic: Spare parts service

Processes in Service

Standard processes described comprehensively

By reading our process descriptions, you can easily make yourself familiar with various standard processes. Processes in Service include: