Data exchange

proALPHA offers the data exchange to support you in electronically performing your business processes. Different ways are available to exchange data with your customers and suppliers, e.g., document data. In addition, there are various tools in financial accounting for the data exchange with banks, for example.


Datanorm is a procedure for exchanging data between companies. Datanorm allows for the efficient exchange of master files by means of standardized data formats.

Topic: Datanorm

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) can be used to exchange data with business partners. EDI provides support for exchanging documents in business processes of sales and purchasing.

Topic: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Integration Workbench (INWB)

The Integration Workbench (INWB) provides a central platform for exchanging data within your company and with your business partners. The INWB serves for consistent and efficient master files management in your proALPHA companies as well as for exchanging documents within business processes.

Topic: Integration Workbench (INWB)

Exchanging invoices and credits in ZUGFeRD format

To enable you to efficiently exchange invoice data with your business partners, proALPHA provides invoices in ZUGFeRD format in sales and purchasing. The format allows invoice data to be exchanged in a structured form with PDF files.

Topic: Exchanging invoices and credits in ZUGFeRD format