Project management

From organizing and planning to controlling and monitoring activities and resources ─ proALPHA provides comprehensive support for completing all project-relevant tasks. The central Project Management module allows for handling projects across departments. proALPHA also offers multi-project management which gives an overview of all projects of a company. Resource conflicts can thus be identified in time and tackled accordingly.

Project structuring

Maximum flexibility

Project structuring is one of the first and most important tasks of project management. proALPHA provides a project structure plan to support you in splitting large-scale projects into smaller work packages and project tasks. A flexible project structure plan can be created for any application area. For example, projects can be split into work packages, or they can be adapted to the specific organizational structure of a company or to scheduling, and even to a product structure. All these options can be combined as desired, providing users with maximum flexibility.


From project structure to network

In general, project tasks depend on each other with regard to their contents or processing, which is why they can often only be completed in a specific sequence. In the sequencing of a project, you define the optimum sequence of project tasks. These links make up a network, which can be displayed in proALPHA as a graphic or a table and can be effortlessly edited.

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In the know with Gantt charts

In proALPHA, projects can not only be shown in a network chart, but also in Gantt charts. The project Gantt provides all participants with a quick overview of the schedule of a project, its progress, and backlog. Moreover, you can change dates and reschedule the project directly in the project Gantt.

Not only can the core components of Gantt charts be displayed, but also additional information for further analyses. For example, the availability of the material required can be shown. In order to determine the reason for date variances, you can compare different planning levels of the project in the project Gantt by creating date histories.

Project management also offers a table containing the schedule of the project. In the schedule, you can view and edit, e.g., the start dates and end dates of project tasks.


Resource and part planning

Transparency for conflicting resources and parts

The resources required for a project, e.g., the employees of your company, are scheduled for each project task and optimized with regard to their utilization and availability. This applies to all resources. A change in the schedule of a project thus directly affects the resource utilization. These schedule changes can be shown in a consolidated view across all projects from the point of view of a resource group or individual means of labor.

In part planning, you plan the parts required for each project task as well as the dates on which and the quantities in which they are required. In the course of the project, part planning forms the basis of MRP. It is also used to link dependent business processes in sales, purchasing, and production.

The project preliminary costing is later based on the planned parts and resources.


Finite planning

From rough planning to finite planning

Most projects are roughly planned at first, and planned in detail only in the course of the project. proALPHA provides graphic finite planning for this purpose, which can be used to adjust resource assignments and execution dates as needed. For example, you can first assign an entire group of employees as the resource and specify a person later. You can also move the execution dates of activities, e.g., if several activities for an employee have been inadvertently scheduled in the same period. Activities can also be assigned to other employees or they can be split. This may be required, e.g., if an employee is not available in the respective period or has to be supported by another employee.

For all of these kinds of finite planning, it is ensured that changes are only made in accordance with the overall scheduling predefined by the project and its basic dates.


Process automation

Using projects as control elements

Various functions in proALPHA support you in automating and optimizing workflows in projects. The dates defined in project planning are directly transferred from project management to work orders. With the Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (APS), they are adopted into production planning.

Thanks to the integration of the Project Management module into the ERP complete solution, the global WorkflowAutomation in proALPHA is also available to optimally support your business processes. It provides an active information flow by automatically forwarding all data of a project to the respective employees by means of events. Employees not directly involved in the project can, of course, also be included.

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Maximum cost transparency

Numerous costings are required for project management. With project preliminary costings, project actual costings, and project comparison costings, proALPHA provides project managers at any time with a comprehensive overview of the current costs of a project.

A preliminary costing is based on planning before the project start and can be created with just a single click. It defines the budget of the project. In the course of the project, individual processes cause actual costs, which can be determined with an actual costing at any time. These are, e.g., accounts payable from purchasing or the times which employees report for the project. Variances between budgeted and actual project costs can be determined in comparison costings. For all costings, you can define costing schedules to adjust the level of detail to the respective use case.

Linked purchase orders indicate the obligation of a project. These are, e.g., purchase order values for services or materials which become actual costs later. The same procedure is applied to scheduled times as well as to bills of materials and manufacturing processes of linked work orders. proALPHA Project Management thus always provides a transparent forecast of costs.


Using global functions

Increased efficiency thanks to synergy

Important information is always available since all project data can be accessed in the complete system. This allows the user to drill down, e.g., to a single purchase order line from the date overview of the project. Besides the proALPHA WorkflowAutomation, the global Document Management System (DMS) in proALPHA also significantly increases efficiency.

The proALPHA DMS converts the project into a central file for further information. All documents, such as specifications and correspondence, are managed in the DMS and can be accessed at any time by all employees involved in the project.

Processes in project management

Standard processes described comprehensively

By reading our process descriptions, you can easily make yourself familiar with various standard processes.

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