Basic knowledge

The basic knowledge offers basic explanations of working with proALPHA and functions available in various modules. Special explanations for using the functions in the modules can be found in the respective module. For instance, the basic knowledge contains basic explanations of analyses and costings. However, special explanations of analyses in financial accounting can be found in "Financial accounting", for example in the detailed topic "Balance sheets".

Working with proALPHA

To efficiently work with proALPHA in your company's network, you can make use of various functions. For instance, you can start proALPHA several times and thus work in several sessions. You can also use typical office functions like phone calls and e-mails from within proALPHA.

Topic: Working with proALPHA


proALPHA is multilingual in order to support your international business activities. Multilingual means that documents, e.g. invoices to customers or purchase orders at suppliers, can easily be created in the languages of your customers and suppliers. Moreover, the GUI of proALPHA can be displayed in various languages.

Topic: Languages


Addresses of your business partners and your company are entered and updated in the address master files. All the addresses of your company that are required for processing various business activities are managed centrally. The advantage of this is that address changes are only made at a single location, i.e., in the address master files.

Topic: Addresses

Master files

Master files form the basis for mapping the business activities of your company in proALPHA. Master files manage e.g. data of customers and suppliers or goods and services of your company.

Topic: Master files


Documents are used for mapping business activities of your company, e.g. for purchasing, or for selling goods or services. For this purpose, data on goods and services that your company purchases, manufactures and sells, for example, are entered in documents.

Topic: Documents

Analyses and costings

In analyses, values are displayed and analyzed which have been determined in the course of various business processes and have been posted to accounts of financial accounting or the cost items of cost accounting, for example. For this reason, analyses include the balance sheet and cost center analysis sheet. In addition to these analyses typical of accounting, analyses also include costings, e.g., standard preliminary costing or coverage costing.

Topic: Analyses and costings


You can use forms to transmit data for business activities to your business partners in an attractive form, e.g. purchase orders to your suppliers or invoices to your customers. Such business data are generally entered in documents in proALPHA.

Topic: Forms


By means of reports you can output master files and transaction data which have been entered in proALPHA, e.g. for checking the data.

Topic: Reports


In proALPHA, you can enter extensive texts (running texts) for various records. For instance you can enter texts in documents that are output in the document forms.

Topic: Texts


The proALPHA WorkflowAutomation supports you in automating and optimizing the work processes of your business processes. Process steps can be monitored and automated in the WorkflowAutomation for this purpose.

Topic: WorkflowAutomation